"But once people have had a huge glut of progress they'll get bored. They'll start talking to the wind and flowers and stones again and listening to the song of the stars." -Þórbergur Þórðarson

     Wild Light Woolens is named for that which gives life to all things and the untamed light living within each of us. When I reflect on favorite memories, I find most of them dappled with colors from light present at the time--the rosy glow of sky reflected on sea after a storm, vivid pastels alive within a sunset viewed from my grandparents' front yard, and stargazing with my dad, for instance. My heart skips a beat when I look out over, or stop to think about, regions near and far illuminated by the continually changing light in winter, spring, summer and fall, making wild light a favorite feeling, too.

     Here you will find handmade woolens with an old timey feel. Each of these little ditties can be thought of as an ode to our ancestors and times gone by. I do hope the colors, textures and good vibes in each piece put a smile on your face when you bring them out to play!

     Patterns and designs are my own. I use high quality, American-raised and processed* natural fibers in my knits to ensure my work does not negatively impact our incredibly lovely, one-of-a-kind, Mother Earth.

     Inspired by, fascinated with, and ever in awe of: the ancestral realm | anti anti-aging | blue skies, grey skies | bright eyes | chilly sea air | the cosmos in our bones | country roads | critters | design | earth friendliness | forests | freckles | fresh air | gardening | genealogy | geological wonders | ghost towns + ghost stories | grins spanning ear to ear | the ground beneath our feet | history | iceland, ireland, denmark, portugal, and great britain--lands of my ancestors | introversion | kindness | mountains | native american mythology | natural beauty |nevada | norse mythology | oceans | the old west | oregon | the pacific northwest | plant life | pogonip | the quiet stillness of winter | rainy days | rocks | science | sightseeing | simple living | the smell of damp earth | snow days | sustainability | tall trees, all trees | thunderstorms | vast night skies | the wild seaside ♡

*Unless otherwise noted, as I do have special projects in mind which will include wool from other countries--all sourced from wonderful, ecologically-minded small farms and businesses.